Best IPO Investing In 2023 To Explore

IPO Investing

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking forward to upcoming IPOs. This post explores some of the best IPOs (Initial Public Offering) to invest in 2023, offering you a chance to invest in innovative projects. Also, stock market IPOs are a fascinating opportunity for investors to invest in a company and participate in its journey.

Here we explore the upcoming IPOs set to capture the market in 2023. So, let’s discover renowned construction firms, innovative technology companies, leading retail brands, and other investment opportunities that could shape your portfolio’s future.

What Is An IPO?

Before we explore the upcoming IPO, let’s quickly understand What is IPO? Simply put, an IPO is the process through which a private company becomes public.

Corporations that go public engage investment banks to market their shares on the public market. Additionally, investing in shares is like buying a piece of a company’s equity. 

Also, the IPO is reserved for significant investors like hedge funds and banks. As a result, purchasing shares in an upcoming IPO can be challenging. However, ordinary investors can buy shares soon after a company goes public. 

Best IPO Investing In 2023 To Explore 

To help you plan your investment decisions, here are 2023’s upcoming IPOs to explore:

Puranik Builders IPO

Puranik Builders is a company involved in the construction of residential and commercial properties. With a focus on the Mumbai and Pune Metropolitan Regions, the company has completed around 35 projects. Moreover, 17 additional projects are in the pipeline. Thus, it is expected that Puranik Builders will raise Rs. 510 crores through an IPO. 


Backed by Wipro Azim Premji, FabIndia is an online and offline retail clothing brand. In 2023, the company plans to raise around Rs. 500 crore via a fresh issue of shares.


The company provides management, research, and development, as well as a host of other services to pharmaceutical firms in India. It plans to sell its shares to the public to raise Rs. 950 crores.

TVS Supply Chain Solutions

TVS Supply Chain Solutions provides supply chain logistics solutions to other companies. The company excels in forecasting demand, inventory planning, production, optimisation, and procurement management.

Zaggle Prepaid Ocean Services Limited 

The Zaggle Prepaid Ocean Services company offers electronic payment solutions. A company provides corporations, small businesses, and other entities with three distinct services.

Tata Play

Previously known as Tata Sky, Tata Play is India’s largest satellite TV operator with 19 million subscribers and Walt Disney Co. as a major investor. Also, the US entertainment giant aims to offload all 29.8% of its stake in Tata Play.

Tata Technologies

Warren Harris is the MD & CEO of Tata Technologies, a global engineering and digital services company. Its four key verticals are automobiles, aerospace, industrial machinery, and industrials.

Survival Technologies

The company provides contract research and manufacturing services (CRAMS) for the manufacture of specialty chemicals in India. As one of India’s few speciality chemical firms, it manufactures a wide range of heterocyclic and fluoro-organic products.

Hosana Consumer (Mamaearth)

Regarding revenue from operations for FY 2022, Mamaearth is India’s largest digital-first beauty and personal care (BPC) company. Its portfolio includes brands in baby care, face care, body care, hair care, color cosmetics, and fragrances.

Hexagon Nutrition

Hexagon Nutrition is an integrated, research-oriented pure-play nutrition company. Its product portfolio includes nutrient-enrichment foods, therapeutic nutrition, clinical nutrition, and malnutrition alleviation.

Sahajanand Medical Technologies

The company has filed for an IPO with SEBI for Rs.1,500 crore. Globally, the company manufactures, researches, develops, produces, and markets vascular devices.

Inspira Enterprise India

The Prakash Jain family owns Inspira Enterprises, an enterprise solutions provider. There’s a fresh issue of Rs.300 crore and an offer for sale (OFS) of Rs.500 crore in the IPO of Rs.800 crore.

ESAF Small Finance Bank

ESAF SFB is a microloan company based in Kerala. There will be a fresh issue of Rs.800 crore and an offer for sale (OFS) of Rs.198 crore in the Rs.998 crore IPO.

Popular Vehicles And Services

Based out of Kerala, the company is a leading diversified automotive dealership. A new IPO has been filed by Popular Vehicles & Services Ltd with SEBI that includes a fresh issue of Rs.150 crore and a sale of 42,66,666 shares (42.67 lakhs).

Oravel Stays (OYO)

The first and most successful digital rooms start-up in India plans to raise Rs.8,430 crore from the market. However, the company may settle for a lower price and valuation. In the IPO, Rs.7,000 crore will be issued as a fresh issue, and Rs.1,430 crore will be offered by existing holders.


Investors can look forward to exciting IPO opportunities in 2023. You can explore IPOs from renowned construction companies to innovative technology companies to leading retail brands. Moreover, use an online stock trading app to make the most of these opportunities. One great option is Kotak Securities, which offers helpful tools, research, and expert guidance to help you navigate the IPO market and make smart investment choices. 

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